The Austrian Vignette has a digital permit for driving on the Austrian motorway, updated in May
2022. A failure to purchase Austrian Vignett could lead to a penalty of €120. If you are not
familiar with vignes, you can get them from any of their suppliers.

Motorway vignette Austria –
price list, vignette validity,
toll roads

Motorways charge in Austria for motorways and express roads and this tax is charged on vehicles. The charge comes in forms of vignettes. Vignettes are available in Austria in traditional and digital formats of stickers with validity of 7 days, 6 months. The vignettette is sold online as well as in common stores, including at the border crossing and petrol station. There’s also fees for several tunneling and mountain passes in addition to highways. Passage on toll tunnels and prepaid tickets is possible either using standard payments or using Toll Flex service.

Motorway vignette Austria – price list, vignette validity, toll roads

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As a company, we offer an all-round service. It is not only our task to advise you on the purchase of the vignette but also to determine the best itinerary for you. We provide you with important information on the location of gas stations, relevant travel documents and truck, trailer and motorhome rental.
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Motorway vignette Austria – price list, vignette validity, toll roads

Price and validity of
Vignette in Austria for
the year 2022

Austrian vignettes on motorways have been re-released in 10 days (T), 2-month (M) or 1 year variants. The former has validity for 14 months from December to January. In December 2017, you can opt to buy either the original or digital vignette. Digital images are available in the identical time and price range as traditional sticker designs. Motorists who drive motorcycles and any vehicles up to 2.5 t gross vehicle weight must purchase vignettes for highway traffic. Driving vehicles over 3.5t pay a charge via the GoBox device.

Price and validity of Vignette in Austria for the year 2022
Mountain roads with toll collection

Mountain roads with
toll collection

There’s sometimes the option of using Toll Roads to reach higher destinations using cars or motorcycles in mountain areas. This road leads to the upper portions of the hill around the cable cars and to the top mountain panorama roads. Occasionally the highways can not be reached through winter. The sites listed below have links to their web pages. Locations/ Vehicles. Motorcycles. Longitude of the vehicle. Avenssee Gramai Mautstraße. € 3000.. 4.50. 6km. Ackernalm Mautstrasse. 4 €. 6km. Aflenz.

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