In Austria, most people know the vignette under the name «Pickerl» (sticker). Until 2018, the vignette was only available as a sticker, but today, it is also available in digital form. So, just as the vignette is available in two different forms, inspection is also carried out in different ways.

Either a mobile check is carried out by the Service- und Kontrolldienst (SKD) or the violation of failing to meet the vignette requirement is recorded by a camera system. We will discuss how inspections are carried out and what you need to keep in mind to avoid possible fines.

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Inspection of the digital
vignette in Austria

Inspection of the digital vignettes on motorways and expressways is carried out via a mobile inspection unit or via video. In both cases, the vehicle’s license plate number is compared with the information on the vignette.

Vignette Austria - mobile inspection

Mobile inspection by the toll supervisor is carried out by checking whether the driver has a valid vignette. For this purpose, either the sticker, which should be correctly attached to the windshield, or the documents for the digital vignette are checked.

The inspection takes place in parking lots or moving traffic. If mobile inspection is not possible, another system is used.

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Vignette Austria – inspection via video

The automatic vignette control (AVK) is carried out by cameras, which are located on the motorways that are subject to tolls. Since there are several camera systems on these roads, it is important that you do not forget to buy a vignette for Austria.

The responsibility for this lies solely with the motorist. Those who use the toll sections of the motorway without making the appropriate contribution (valid vignette) will be held accountable via the video recordings.

Moreover, there are portable control devices that are placed in different locations every two weeks or less, and it is impossible to find out in advance which stretches the cameras are in operation on. The exact examination of the recordings takes place at the ASFINAG headquarters.

Vignette Austria – inspection
also carried out at night

Car drivers who only cross Austria at night cannot escape the toll regulations. You can only drive on certain stretches of road that are not subject to tolls without having to fear a fine. This applies to the A1 Westautobahn at the Walserberg border crossing or on the Salzburg A12 Inntalautobahn. Otherwise, as a vehicle owner, you must expect inspections on motorways, even at late hours.

Vignette Austria – inspection also carried out at night
Motorway Austria - vignette inspection of your GO Box

Motorway Austria - vignette
inspection of your GO Box

As far as tolls are concerned, different rules apply in Austria for car and truck drivers. Motor vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tons must be equipped with a device called a GO Box for electronic toll payment. The box is available at various ASFINAG locations.

A camera system is installed on every on- and off-ramp of a toll road, and it uses a signal to check these devices inside the vehicles. Truck drivers must expect a substitute toll of up to 240 euros if they provide incorrect information (number of axles incorrect, for example) or if they don’t have a toll box.

Fines when driving without an
electronic vignette in Austria:
beware of inspections!

Toll cheaters beware! Due to ASFINAG’s comprehensive inspections in Austria and the many functions of the cameras on toll roads, no driver is spared from fines and possible administrative penalties. Accordingly, every driver should give thought to the topic of toll roads in Austria and vignette inspections. This is especially the case at Sondermautstrecken.

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Fines when driving without an electronic vignette in Austria: beware of inspections!