There are certain routes in Austria for the use of which a special toll is due. Mostly, these are the country’s tunnels and pass roads. Since you can buy the toll for the Arlbergtunnel online, as a driver, you do not have to take a long detour but can pay the fee for the video toll quickly and easily.

One click online is enough and your journey through Austria can begin. Thanks to the digital toll on the motorways and expressways in Austria, there will be no more waiting in the future.

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Pay the toll vignette for
the Arlbergtunnel online

The video toll for Austria is available either online or at the local toll station. Since the digital vignette gives drivers various advantages, many decide to pay for the Arlbergtunnel toll in advance. We will present the most important information about the route toll for the Arlbergtunnel.

Pay the toll vignette for the Arlbergtunnel online

If you want to pay the toll in advance instead of at the counter, you must register an account online. This requires, for example, entering the vehicle registration number.

The green lane

After the license plate number has been scanned at the toll booth barriers, you can pass through the station automatically, without any waiting time. As a rule, this is the green lane, which is intended for drivers who have already paid the digital route toll in advance.

Other special toll routes

The offer to purchase the ticket for your journey online is not only available for the Arlbergtunnel, but also for the other special toll routes in Austria. For example, if you want to buy the Brenner toll for the Gleinalm Tunnel, which is particularly popular with holidaymakers, you can do so here as well.

One of the advantages of the digital toll is that it can be purchased online at short notice. The digital toll sticker is valid immediately after confirmation. After you have completed the payment, all necessary documents are sent to the e-mail address you provided.

A so-called “consumer protection period” of 18 days is prescribed by ASFINAG. When purchasing through our portal or through the ÖAMTC offices, the mentioned period does not apply. Do you want to take a spontaneous trip to Austria? With our offer, you can do so without any problems.

The digital vignette for the Arlbergtunnel toll is only intended for vehicles with a GVW of less than 3.5 tons. The vehicle’s width is also limited to 2 metres. So, if you are travelling through the tunnel with a trailer or a large motor home, the green lane cannot be used.

The toll for the Arlbergtunnel is available as a single trip or yearly vignette. If you use the Arlbergtunnel often, the yearly vignette is worthwhile.

The 10-day vignette or the 2-month vignette is valid for the remaining stretches of the motorway and expressway network in Austria. For the entire network, you can also buy the 10-day vignette for Austria online.

Why does the Go Box exist?

Toll station
S16 Arlberg expressway

The S16 is known as the shortest connection between Vorarlberg and Tyrol. Therefore, travellers who want to reach their destination in Austria as quickly as possible are happy to accept the additional fee for the Arlbergtunnel.

If you have not already paid the toll in advance, you can find the toll station on the S16 before St. Jakob. The tunnel is located between Langen and St. Anton.

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Toll station S16 Arlberg expressway