When the Brennero is mentioned, most holidaymakers know which route it is.
The Brennerpass, for which you can buy the Brenner pass toll online
today, is in the Eastern Alps between the Austrian state of Tyrol and the
Italian state of Bolzano in South Tyrol.

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Traffic on the

In 2021, more than 14 million cars crossed the pass. Based on this figure, it is obvious how popular the route is with holidaymakers and how important it is for connecting Austria with South Tyrol and Italy, respectively.

To access the pass and the associated Europabrücke, the Brenner toll is charged for its use. In the past, tolls could only be paid at designated toll booths.

Today, there is also an option available to settle the costs and buy the Brenner pass toll online. If you pay for the digital route toll in advance, you can save time and cross the border without any problems. We will tell you how you can avoid any hassle at the toll station on the Brenner-Autobahn in the future.

Pay the Brenner toll

What was called a “video toll” a few years ago is now known as the “digital route toll” in Austria. Paying the toll online is just as easy as paying at a vending machine. The most important thing is not to confuse the toll with the general vignette that is required in Austria. The cost that one pays for the use of the Brennerautobahn is considered a special toll.

When buying the route toll, you must follow a few steps, and after a few clicks, you will receive the digital vignette in your inbox. We have put together all the important information about the purchase process.

Pay the Brenner toll online

If you decide to pay the toll for the Brenner Autobahn online, you must register. Registration is not only necessary so that the purchase
can proceed properly, but it also ensures that vehicles that have already paid the toll are automatically recognised later at the toll

In addition to the e-mail address needed to send the confirmation, it is primarily the vehicle license plate number that plays a role in the
online purchase. You must make sure that the license plate number of the vehicle with which you are travelling to Italy is correct. This
minimises waiting times and avoids queries or even penalties in the event of an inspection at toll stations.

The digital route toll is available for motorists travelling with a passenger car weighing less than 3.5 tons. For motorcycles, vehicles with trailers, and motor homes, a ticket can also be purchased in advance for the route sections.

For drivers of trucks, a different principle applies. They require a so-called “Go Box” to use Austria’s roads. The device is used to separately calculate the distance travelled on the country’s highways.

If you decide to purchase a digital ticket, you must be aware that many sales offices have a waiting period of up to 18 days. Our offer for trips via the Brennerautobahn is aimed specifically at drivers who do not want to wait for the number of days mentioned above. With our route toll ticket for the Brenner pass, your journey can begin immediately after payment.

After selecting the ticket, placing it in the shopping cart, and paying the amount with your desired payment method (credit card such as Visa or American Express, PayPal, Klarna, etc.), a confirmation with all important details will be sent. The delivery of the documents will be done by e-mail.

Due to the great demand, video toll recognition at the Brenner has been expanded. Until now, there were only two lanes that drivers with electronic tickets could pass through automatically. In the meantime, the vehicle license plate can be scanned at all toll booths on the Brenner. The barriers thus open automatically at all points for drivers who have completed registration in advance.

The only lane that cannot be used by holidaymakers with a digital ticket is the Go Lane, as this is reserved for truck drivers with a Go Box.

The price for a trip across the Europabrücke depends on several factors. A distinction is made between different tickets and sections of the route.

At the Brenner, both a single trip and a yearly ticket are available. The fee for the entire trip on the A13 Brennerautobahn is 10.50 euros (plus administrative fees). The yearly ticket costs 111.00 euros (plus administrative fees).

The tolls are adjusted accordingly if you only use part of the motorway section. However, since most vacationers drive all the way to South Tyrol, the total price is due. If you start your return trip a few days later, you must pay accordingly for two journeys.

What you should also keep in mind when calculating the fees is that interruptions in your trip are only possible within 24 hours. If the interruption is longer, you may have to pay the toll a second time.

The mentioned price is only valid for the use of the Brennerautobahn. The motorway sections on which you are obliged to have a vignette or other passes or tunnels that follow before or after must be considered separately.

Why does the Go Box exist?

Digital route toll vs.
vignette for Austria

When calculating the total costs, you must not only consider the video toll for certain routes, such as the Brenner toll, but in addition, the digital vignette in Austria, which is required for the use of the motorway and expressway network. The respective sections must be considered separately.

Compared to the digital route toll, the vignette for Austria distinguishes between different types of vehicles. Furthermore, a vignette for 10 days, two months, or one year is available. The digital vignette for Austria is also available online.

Digital route toll vs. vignette for Austria
Digital route toll vs. vignette for Austria

Travellers going on vacation should consider that each country has its own rules. The rules mentioned above regarding the vignette and the video toll on the motorway only apply in Austria. Once you reach Italian soil after the Brennerpass, separate rules apply.

It is important to get familiar with the rules on the route toll. After all, if you do not follow the rules, you will have to face a penalty. If you need help with purchasing the digital route toll or have questions about the service at the Brennerpass, you will find all the important information on our portal.

With the digital route toll, you can avoid traffic jams at toll stations and waiting times on your future travels!

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