If you drive with foresight in Austria, you will reach your destination safely and quickly. This rule especially applies to drivers on Austrian toll roads and tunnels. The problem is that traffic jams and delays can occur at the country’s toll booths. This is especially true on routes with tunnels.

If you want to travel fast, pay the toll for the Karawankentunnel toll online. The best part is that you can start driving immediately after confirmation. Comprehensive information about the toll for the Karawankentunnel will be covered in the following article.

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Buy a ticket for the Karawankentunnel
toll that is valid immediately

The Karawankentunnel is about 8 kilometres long and runs from Austria to neighbouring Slovenia. If you don’t want to be stuck in a queue of cars to buy the special vignette for driving through the tunnel at the toll booth, register online in advance.

Buy a ticket for the Karawankentunnel toll that is valid immediately


Before paying the toll for the tunnel, you must first provide some important information. This allows registration to proceed properly and the barrier at the toll booth to open automatically later on.

  • Vehicle registration number
  • Trip details (single trip)
  • E-mail address
  • Method of payment (MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, etc.)

Activation after payment

After the payment has been made, the toll is activated. As a driver, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. The documents do not have to be shown at the toll booth because the inspection is carried out automatically.

Make sure you are in the correct lane

If you are driving towards Slovenia at the toll station near St. Jakob and already have a vignette, you must make sure you get into the correct lane. There is a lane for drivers who have already paid for the vignette online.

The lane is for cars not weighing more than 3,5 tons. Different regulations apply to motorcycles, vehicles with trailers, or motor homes.

The regulations may differ when heading south to cross the border into Slovenia at the Slovenian toll station Hrušica, to drive north from the other side. There, the station is no longer operated by ASFINAG, but by the motorway company DARS.
Why does the Go Box exist?

Buy the toll for the Karawankentunnel
and start your trip immediately

The offer on our online shop is addressed to those who want to start driving immediately. The activation of
the vignette takes place after adding the car toll to the shopping cart and paying. The price for the
Karawankentunnel toll (including administrative costs and VAT) is indicated online.

No 18-day consumer protection period

No 18-day consumer
protection period

When purchasing a toll for the Karawankentunnel with ASFINAG, a so-called consumer protection period of 18 days comes into effect. If you purchase the toll with us, the mentioned period is omitted. Holidaymakers who want to start their journey with their vehicle immediately (or up to 18 days after purchase) are therefore best advised to choose the offer on our website.

Single trip on the A11
Karawanken motorway

Compared to the other special toll routes in the country, a special feature applies to the A11 Karawanken motorway. Since the tunnel spans two countries, you can only purchase a single trip for the stretch from Villach.

Single trip on the A11 Karawanken motorway
Vignette for Austria is valid immediately

Vignette for Austria is
valid immediately

Vignettes are compulsory on the Austrian motorways and expressways. So far, only the tolls that you must pay for driving through the country’s tunnels have been mentioned. However, these are the prices for the regular vignette. If you want to buy a vignette for Austria in addition to the special toll, you will also find what you are looking for online.

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